Welcome to my blog where I post all about my DIY home projects!  Some are little, and some are big, but all make a big difference when you put them together!   My favorite home improvement by far is furniture makeovers!  Whether it is a piece of furniture in my house that just needs a fancy facelift, or a unique item that I find out the world like at a yard sale, I absolutely love bringing it back to its former glory in a new way!  Sometimes finding time can be tricky when it comes to DIY projects, but I hope my posts inspire you to take the small bites, make the ideas your own, and always enjoy the process. 

Hi There!

There are no small projects, just small expectations!  Just remember that modest progress can build up into big gains.

My name is Hilary.  I love painting furniture (and almost anything else), decorating and home DIY!  I have had a lot of successes, a lot of failures, and quite a few lessons along the way. Come along and enjoy the journey with me!  Please note that I cannot stand chemicals or harsh smells and always choose gentle products when possible.